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It's as simple as just a few reasons, 

Pride - The heritage and experience Land Rover vehicles carry with them is something we are very proud of here at the dealership. Our pride for our product and our team stands above all else. Not only are we proud to sell and service these vehicles, we are proud to serve you with the highest level of standard and unparalleled commitment to the best customer experience. 

Team - When you arrive at the dealership either for the first time, or several times in the same month, you are greeted by someone in the team. Our entire team is commited to ensuring you have the best experience possible at our dealership and to keep you coming back to a familiar face. 

Experience - Our main focus here at Land Rover of Saskatoon is to ensure we give you the most accurate information, with the utmost efficiency, and without all the flashy distractions. We are a 100% disclosure dealership and would be happy to go through all the fine print, no questions asked. 

Why buy a Land Rover?

Land Rover is the perfect blend of nearly 70 years building the best off road and adventure vehicles in the world, with the very highest standard in quality, luxury and refinement.

Because of this, our brand is owned & appreciated by such diverse clientele as land owners, farmers, explorers, Royalty & celebrities alike, throughout the globe. Not because they look great, because they are great! 

Buying quality isn’t as expensive as you think!

Our Price Guarantee. All of our pre-owned vehicles are the lowest priced in the market right now. We have a price guarantee which means all our prices are checked daily, so we remain the lowest priced (like for like) within a 500KM radius. Also, all our pre-owned vehicles are reconditioned to the highest standards, to give you the best value for your dollar!

Frequently Asked Questions.

What sort of warranty comes with a Land Rover?

All Land Rovers come with a 4 year 80,000kms full comprehensive warranty from in service date.

Can I extend the warranty?

Yes you can. In two ways 1) If the vehicle is less than 5 years old or has done less than 96,000kms the vehicle can be Certified Pre Owned. This will give the vehicle warranty up to 6 years and 160,000kms (with no deductible) from the in-service date. 2) Or a warranty extension can be bought from us, on a personally tailored basis (i.e. to whatever time frame and KMs you feel works best for you)

What is Certified Pre Owned?

The Land Rover Certified Pre Owned Program (CPO) is designed to be a worry free used car buying experience.

For a modest charge, your CPO’d Land Rover will come with the warranty extension (mentioned above) 24/7 Roadside Assistance, Subsidized financing rates, a 150 point vehicle inspection and a higher standard of mechanical and bodywork reconditioning.

Aren't Land Rovers unreliable?

Truth be told, Land Rovers did have some reliability issues in the past. However, in 2008 the TATA Group bought the company and invested millions in Research and Development, putting the JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) Group back into a world class premium brand.

Are Land Rovers expensive to own?

Here is a short list of the most frequently maintenance requirements

Model Service 1 Service 2 Service 3

Tire and Brake Service

Evoque Complimentary $199 $545 $155
LR2 Complimentary $199 $575 $155
Discovery Sport Complimentary $199 $545 $155
Range Rover Sport Complimentary $275 $448 $155
Range Rover Complimentary $275 $448 $155

*All plus tax and shop supplies NB: we also recommend an oil change every 6 months